In today’s debate on the intervention in Syria in the British House of Commons, George Galloway MP has been caught outrightly lying to the House following a denial of comments he made on the state-funded Iranian Press TV channel.

Last week, Galloway was heard to blame the State of Israel for supplying Al Qaeda with chemical weapons. When challenged on the matter by Conservative MP Matthew Offord, Galloway replied, “I said no such thing”.

Watch the video below and share it on social media to alert people to Galloway’s outright lies to the House of Commons.

George Galloway MP claimed that he “said no such thing” when asked about his Press TV comments about Israel supplying chemical weapons to the Syria Al-Qaeda affiliated rebels. Galloway forgets that the internet has all his bluster archived, and as this video shows, he LIED to the British Parliament when he claimed he never made the comments on the Iranian State TV channel Press TV.



Report GEORGE GALLOWAY to the Speaker of the House of Commons:

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  • smilingvulture

    While the spokesman for the gov used the word c***,Galloways speech yesterday on Syria was eloquent.

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  • McRobbie

    Callousway is not worth bothering about..he’s only one tune to play and it relates to his backers from the mad side.

  • John Smith

    Galloway just brings colour to politics & sometimes holds more regular people in a spotlight.
    - Does anyone take him seriously?

  • ramesesthegrumbler

    Galloway lying? Well his lips were moving so …

  • ErikKC

    In the U.S. lying to Congress is a criminal offense. How about the UK Parliament?

  • ErikKC

    An eloquent lie is, none the less, a lie.

  • george

    when I met him I was impressed with his ability to look me in the eye, shake my hand and spout the biggest pack of lies I have ever had the misfortune to hear … and I include my employers telling me I was getting a more than competitive pay rise!

  • David Lindsay

    No one cares. No one is ever going to care.

    You lost. Get over it.


    Yes, he is long overdue for an encounter with piano wire.

  • Julieann Carter

    Galloway is the most hateful and hate-filled man ever. He acts like a Messiah with a following. What would he be without the Muslim community ‘he leads’?
    Rula Lenska’s cat! A national laughing stock. Now he’s flipping dangerous.
    No good writing to my MP, he’s a Lib Dem who replied a load of bluff when I previously complained about ‘Sir’ Bob Russell’s anti Israel bias.

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  • derekemery

    How many MPs would be left if lying to Parliament was a criminal offence?

  • Raheem Kassam

    And you want to write for the site? Bugger off.

  • David Lindsay

    Do I? Could you afford me?

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  • JWil42

    Here we go again. Entire predictability from this organ.

  • JWil42

    Nasty. Really nasty. It demonstrates who we are dealing with here. Shouldn’t this paper be removing this poster and apologising for the comment?


    Nasty, au contraire, ’tis nothing compared to the treatment meted out to apostates and non-muslims, you idiotic lefty goon.

  • Raheem Kassam

    Email from Aug 1 from you to us, “You could not possibly annoy [Damian Thompson] more than by giving a spot to me. I promise only to write on matters on which we agree, such as the EU or the preservation of the UK.”


    And you’re correct. We cannot “afford” to publish you. Not from a financial perspective. But from a legitimacy one.

  • JWil42

    ” ’tis nothing ”
    Death is nothing???

  • David Lindsay

    Oh, I think that you were missing the tongue in cheek there. As I recall, we were both having spots of bother with That Man at the time.


    You really are a complete twerp, Galloways demise would be very welcome to many, he has no useful contribution to make on this earth, whereas muslims extoll death, welcome it, utter madness, which explains their inhuman treatment of apostates and non-muslims as well as killing their fellows as well, burning people alive, be-heading schoolgirls, blowing innocents to pieces, flying airliners into skyscrapers, burning down churches, cutting off limbs, female castration, shooting a schoolgirl for having a calculator, need i go on? Idiot.

  • JWil42

    “…You really are a complete twerp…”

    Name calling??? Feeble response.

    Unlike you, I don’t advocate murdering others, whatever the reason.

    From your earlier statement, your side is no better if they all think like you.


    ‘My side’?, ridiculous, i act alone, apolitical, best way to be. Think you command the moral highground eh? Dream on, as with all leftists and liberals like you, yes you are, scratch the skin and there is always a fascist just underneath. And they murdered millions.

  • JWil42

    Oh dear. I can visualise you jumping up and down.

    Its called Brownian Motion.


    I very much doubt you know what it is, have to look it up probably. I can see that you are rattled by using such condescending and patronizing language. Lefties do this when losing an argument. And all this over Galloway too, a worthless man who is forever clutching at tyrants coat-tails, and is a racist to boot, hates the jews and Israelis. He deserves a grisly death, as many others un-deserving have suffered.

  • JWil42

    “I very much doubt you know what it is,… ”

    As an engineer and scientist during my working life I know exactly what it is. Do you have a monopoly on knowledge? You certainly seem to be an arrogant enough sod to give that impression.

    Most of what you have been saying is Brownian motions in my opinion (another play on words in case you don’t recognise it).

    If Galloway is so worthless, why are posters on this site making such a big issue about him rather than ignoring him and depriving him of the oxygen of publicity. They and you have given the game away by rattling on about him.

    You are hoist by your own petard and have shot yourself in the foot at the same time. Quite an achievement.

  • surj

    John ‘ Does anyone take him seriously ? ” Yes, ONLY muslims do. Now see

  • surj

    G.g is nothing but a traitor to this country, he is on the pay list of most muslim countries. By the way he is a muslim but would not declare it.
    I have been bared from commenting on his YouTube, programs because he don’t;like to hear the truth or any thing against muslims or muslim countries.

  • garyfouse

    When Galloway came to the US to speak at the University of California at Irvine (and pass the hat for Gaza/Hamas), he called me a liar for quoting anti-semitic chants at pro-Palestinian rallies in the US during the Gaza fighting.