VIDEO: David Ward MP *again* diminishes Holocaust Memorial Day

This time last year, David Ward MP was censured by his own party, the Liberal Democrats, after claiming that, “the [liberated] Jews” were inflicting similar atrocities on the Palestinian people. Ward at the time continued to dig deeper, and has landed himself square in an anti-Semitic hole, having issued many statements over the course of the last year to similar effect.

His comments about Israel not lasting forever saw him suspended from his party, while recently, and bizarrely, he gave a brief history lesson on Twitter, stating as if it were a new fact, that the Palestinians were not responsible for the Holocaust.

So little wonder that today, Ward took a stand once again, in great offence to the memory of those millions killed during the Holocaust, to somehow juxtapose the political point of the Palestinian right of return, with Holocaust Memorial Day, officially observed in Britain on Monday 27th January this year.

Ward, in the video below, states, “On Monday many of us will be attending Holocaust Memorial Day events where the theme will be journeys, including journeys of return. Does the Secretary of State agree with me that our thoughts should include, amongst many others, the millions of displaced Palestinians, still denied their right, to return to their homes.”

Of course giving the response was DFID minister Alan Duncan, so we hear much constructive in response either. But it is interesting to note that even during the United Nation’s year for Palestinian Solidarity, people like David Ward cannot even afford the Holocaust, the worst genocide in recent history, one single, solitary day of mourning without trying to hijack it for political purposes.

And moreover, where was Ward’s reference to the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians either killed or displaced in the Syria conflict? Not a peep.

So again, the numbers stack up, as far as Ward is concerned, this is simply another in a long list of brazen, deplorable, and dreadfully masked attacks on what he, almost a year ago to the day, referred to as: “the Jews”.


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  • m_gore

    The stupid fecker should take his fetid politics elsewhere.

    Ukip will have him, I’m sure

  • george

    i suspect mossad havent offed him simply because he does such an awesome job of making the anti-israeli movement look like complete kn0bs!

  • roger

    Ah, Mossad, the modern successor to Irgun and Lehi.
    Britain getting involved in Palestine by taking the mandate was a very stupid piece of policy, among many others. Britain did a lot better when it sheltered Jewish refugees here rather than them going to Palestine.

  • Odedisra

    I don’t remember “Britain did a lot better when it sheltered Jewish refugees in Britain rather than them going to Palestine” ((In fact, during the Holocaust, Britain closed both it’s own door and Palestine’s door in the faces of most of the Jewish refugees who tried to escape the Nazis – sent them to detention camps in Cyprus, turned their ships back to Europe, or let them drown in the sea), but it’s never too late to make amends: Now that the Jews’ problem is solved, and all Jewish refugees finally have a home in a tiny state of their own back in their ancient homeland – if David Ward MP feels bad about “Palestinian refugees”, and he doesn’t think they could find proper homes among their Arab-Muslim brothers; in any of the other 21 Arab-Muslim stats (13,000,000 Km2 of land) given to the Arabs after WW1, then maybe this time he should really solve their problem in Britain – rather than them going to that part of “Palestine” which is now the Jewish state…

  • Abe Bird

    Are all the Brits stupid fagots as David Hospital Ward ?

  • GIVVO6_B

    Why should anyone suck up to the nasty State of Israel. After all it is merely a racist entity calling itself the “Jewish State” that has sited itself on stolen Palestinian land. it has nuclear weapons and points the finger at Iran which has none. It pushed for Syria to be disarmed of chemical weapons and Israel has a huge stockpile. It accuses Iran of war mongering and Iran has not attacked another country in 300 years, on the other hand Israel continually attacks other people and even attacked Syria 5 times during 2013.