A few weeks ago I was asked to appear on the BBC’s “This Week in Parliament” show. I took some time out last week, headed down to Millbank, gave them my best pro-Tory schtick (hey, it’s what they expected!) and toddled off home happy with myself.

This morning, I received this email, which to be fair, made me laugh for a very long time, as when we were mid-recording, one of us asked the question, “imagine if it didn’t record?!”

To be clear, I’m not upset about this, I think it’s funny and I’ve already agreed to do it again, but I can’t help posting this email from the Beeb:

Dear All

As you know we all hugely enjoyed the interview you recorded at BBC Millbank last Wednesday. Extremely unfortunately, the enjoyment ends there. It was all saved to the machinery, checked and registered. However by the time it came to be edited on Monday this week, it had entirely disappeared. I’m assured that there was no operator error, and that it was a “bug”. I am, told this has only ever happened once before. I can promise you that engineers have been crawling all over the system ever since and every effort was made to try and retrieve the recording for two days after the discovery.

You will ask, quite reasonably, what about the back-up tape. Funnily enough my question also. In an unexpected burst of enthusiasm it was wiped. The end of the Commons session that week led to all tapes being wiped by the weekend.

This is the most dreadful cock-up and I can only apologise one million per cent. You took all the trouble to come to the studio, divested yourselves of some highly informed and entertaining exchanges and our only contribution has been to lose it.

As you all were such a brilliant panel we very much hope that we can persuade you to return to Millbank (perhaps in the immediate aftermath of the conferences) to try again. I can see that this might be tempting fate but hey let’s give it ago. In fact I’d like to suggest we all try again on Thursday October 10th around 2.30 pm. I do hope you will all agree.

I do not want to estimate how disappointing and annoying this is to you all, and I offer my sincerest apologies.


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  • Knives_and_Faux

    Too busy wiping their arses with £50 notes.

  • kasou

    Did this person ever go to school ??? Even my 6 year old grand daughter writes better articulated emails