EXCLUSIVE: Former London deputy mayor uploads d*ck pics to Facebook

Former London deputy mayor has given a new meaning to being an Assembly “Member” after accidently uploading pictures of his penis to Facebook for all his followers to see.

Barnes, 66, who was the Conservative member for Hillingdon and Ealing in London uploaded the pictures moments ago in what appears to be a rather drastic error caused by his iPhone’s auto upload settings.

Viewers were clearly disgusted and angry, as some drew parallels between his gaffe and that of former New York Mayor candidate Anthony Weiner.

UPDATE: Mr Barnes told The Metro newspaper: “[It was] utterly and totally a mistake. I’ve been hacked into. I’ve no idea [what happened]. I’m annoyed and shaking with anger.”

“I’m a 65-year-old gay man on his own… It’s not the sort of thing I do. Do you really think I would be that f****** stupid after 30 years in politics?”

Censored pictures below:



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  • Satureyes


  • Bronwen Winter Phoenix


  • Gaskers

    more like MP for Hillingdong and trouser Eeling…

  • Boris Watch

    To be strictly accurate he’s no longer an Assembly Member, having been defeated by Labour’s Dr. Onkar Sahota last year. As far we know the new Member keeps it zipped.

  • Steve777

    The Conservative party is full of perverts and swivel-eyed loons.

    Vote UKIP.

  • Tony Adams

    I don’t see why mistakenly sending a dick photo, something many non perverts do, qualifies as pervert nature.
    Being a conservative, THAT is perverse. I would believe you if you had said “these perverts are full of conservative party members…”

  • Steve777

    no mate only pervs send pics of their genitals
    you probably are one too

  • Tony Adams

    You seem to be obsessed with perversion…you sound like a member of the conservative party!
    Get a life.

  • Steve777

    you’re the weirdo who thinks it’s normal to send pics of your genitals, you get a fucking life, pervo

  • Tony Adams

    I said it wasn’t perverted, I didn’t say it was normal.
    So: obsessed with perversion, prude, no sense of humour and on top of that can’t read properly.
    And _I_ need to get a life?

  • Steve777

    put your dick away

  • Tony Adams

    Oh, add dick-obsessed to the list…quite a weirdo you turned out to be.

  • Steve777


  • http://bimble.net/ Adam Auden

    Something something Conservative member.

  • Tony Adams

    Hahaha exactly

  • Arthur

    Where can I see them at?????

  • smilingvulture

    call me gullible,who hacked his Facebook?

  • Tracey B

    States in the picture that he added 5 new photos to iOS album, only seem to be 2 pictures posted, where are the other 3??? could they possibly show his face?

  • Big Al


  • Richard Pawley

    He wasn’t “hacked”…he’s got an iPhone running iOS 7 with a well-known bug that Apple haven’t fixed yet. However, what was important enough for Apple to fix and roll out iOS 7.0.1 was a bug that stopped you making payments to them though, of course…

  • The Laughing Cavalier


  • finbar_saunders

    First he says it was “a mistake” then says he’s been “hacked into”, So which one is it?, Or does the term “hacked into” refer to some bizarre sexual fetish he indulges in?.

  • tomdaylight

    Seems that he would reasonably interpret that as being hacked, though. Hacked by Apple

  • Aaron D Highside

    Looks a bit like Chris Bryant, minus Y-fronts. Politicos…disgusting!

  • Dan Tubb

    Servers him right for buying an iPhone. Android is clearly the way.

  • pip joy

    An Labour is full of freaks, pervs and fuckups

  • pip joy

    Facebook accounts have a history of hacking BUt is it possible that Apple sent these photos to this man’s account directly

  • Tom Kelsall

    Now – one has to ask.

    The iPhone may well UPLOAD pics without asking permission, and that’s bad.

    But I’m pretty sure it doesn’t TAKE pictures without asking? Does it? I mean, he had to be in the camera app and pressing the shutter for this to occur, right?

  • Andy

    So the phone was hacked, made his trousers fall down and his member fall out, and be photod and uploaded to Facebook.

    It all makes perfect sense, really.

  • Knives_and_Faux

    The old ‘I was hacked’ line, no sir you are a liar and pervert with tits.

  • Notjack

    Is that a hairless jimmy?

  • Lanark McVie

    I’m so annoyed that my trousers and pants slipped down and my winkie poked out then I was shaking with anger so much that I got my phone out took a photo of my winkie popping out. Then I was sooo annoyed that my trousers and pants fell all the way down and came off completely (my shoes and socks also levitated off my feet). Then I was shaking so much that I took another photo of my naked lower half (including my winkie). Then I was so annoyed that I posted them all to Facebook.

    “I’m annoyed and shaking with anger”.

  • Mercyneal

    Anthony Weiner claimed he was hacked *cough* too, until irrefutable evidence showed up to prove that he was a liar.

  • Raymond of Canada

    I’m right ready to sympathize with anyone online until they say they were “hacked.”

  • minted

    Is that a Brasilian wax I am detecting?…

  • minted

    Willie Barnes. I presume?

  • harmonicaman

    So, Vote UKIP

  • spanky

    “shaking” with anger

  • Nona Smith

    What is is with men and their privates … they’re like those baboons that proudly show off their arses to attract a female!

  • esquire415

    98 Likes and counting if it wasn’t taken down…Awesome! You got some junk to be proud of. You the man, Dick!

  • Andy

    Girls don’t show off their boobs?