Leftie UKIP attacks fall flat as UKIP soars with ethnic minorities

Lefties are a funny breed, especially when it comes to their self-righteousness and perceived monopoly on certain sections of the society.

Last Saturday The Times published an extensive article on the rapid rise in the support for UKIP amongst ethnic minorities. The article, entitled “The new faces of UKIP”, covered some prominent party members including Winston McKenzie, UKIP’s spokesman for the Commonwealth. This clearly infuriated quite a few Labour trolls who in pursuit of revenge piled onto the newly set up Facebook profile of the Friends of Poland in UKIP with some rather incoherent spam.

In particular, a lot of hate for the Friends of Poland in UKIP seems to have been orchestrated by HopeNotHate.org, who under the false pretence of being an anti-hate campaigners, are basically another one of Labour’s assumed online identities with a special nag for trolling all things UKIP.

Friends of Poland in UKIP was recently set up with a couple of Old Wellingtonians at the helm: the writer and seasoned member of UKIP, Nikolai Tolstoy, as Honorary Patron, and the UK Representative of the Confederation of the Polish Nobility and a former committee member of the Conservative Friends of Poland, Przemek Skwirczynski, as the Chairman. The group’s aim is to preserve the spirit of British-Polish camaraderie dating back to the days of Second World War, EU or no EU.

It is funny that most of the insinuations in Labour trolls’ posts were to do with accusations of UKIP’s “anti-Polishness”, which is why it is perhaps worth reminding the sections of Labour supporters who are suffering short-term memory loss, that Ed Miliband famously declared that Labour “got it wrong” over the East European immigration, which certainly was no slip of his tongue, given that Jack Straw reiterated that stance on immigration as recently as last month.

So with both the Labour Friends of Poland and Conservative Friends of Poland now defunct, the officially-approved Friends of Poland in UKIP has a good case to make that UKIP is the last party formally in support of the Polish minority in the UK, and yet more proof that you do not have to support Labour just because you happen to belong to an ethnic minority.

My verdict: Friends of Poland in UKIP  1 : 0  Assorted Lefties

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  • Joe Quirk Ukip

    This is refreshing, a totally truthful and unbiased report. LibDems are dead in the water, the Tories have got a sizeable hole in their life raft and Labour well what can I say? Light the blue touchpaper and stand well back Ed’s about to go up in the world (or is that off world)?

  • icini

    I had no idea this page existed and am very pleased to see it. Our local Polish community is seriously worried about the problems that may be caused when the expected wave of Romanian and Bulgarian migrants arrive. They are largely a settled group, some have been here for years, are trying to integrate and will be as much affected as the rest of us by the mass, uncontrolled new wave. I hope to attract some of them to join with us in our UKIP branch. We have had a couple of their representatives attend one of our meetings and all got on very well together. we clearly have common ground. The problem is the local establishment try hard to misrepresent what UKIP stands for and this does put some of the minority groups off.

  • thanksdellingpole

    Many lefties are pilling into UKIP in order to derail their policies further down the line, it’s heading to civil war right now.

    Where do you think all the people who hate immigrants go after that…

    Make no mistake, UKIP is heading for rocky waiters unless it gets really tough on immigration.

  • pjl20

    Those who consider themselves as being a ‘leftie’ ought to wonder why they hold such opinions after 4.5 million migrants have been let into the UK since 1997.

    Why do you think our public services are now ailing? Why are our schools being given poor assessments by OFSTED? The answer – the various authorities are finding that absorbing such big migrant numbers and their children is not easy.

    All UKIP has done is to point to the pitfalls of allowing more migrants in until we have sorted out the present group.