Left-wing, Kingston University lecturer Sunny Hundal says Asian parents should be discriminated against

A Kingston University lecturer who recently resigned from ‘full-time blogging’, Sunny Hundal, has gone on record to state that he believes that Asian parents should be denied the right to know the gender of their prospective baby following a report that various ethnic communities in the UK are experiencing a rise in female foetus abortions.

The Independent reported earlier today that some ethnic communities show a distinct rise in abortions due to gender. The report states, correctly, that “abortions based solely on gender are illegal in Britain”.

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But that didn’t stop the former blogger, turned Kingston University lecturer Sunny Hundal, from claiming not only that the process was “not strictly illegal”, but also that he is “in favour of doctors not telling Asian parents in UK the sex of their foetus.” When pressed as to whether he was advocating a discriminatory policy, Hundal responded, “Yes it is”.

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Hundal, who has long bemoaned UK anti-terror law being discriminatory, not only comes across as hypocritical, but also reveals that discrimination-outrage within Britain’s Left-wing is entirely subjective. When quizzed on precisely how he thought aborting female foetus was “not strictly illegal”, Hundal refused to answer, instead stating, “I’m not going to bother explaining the law to you.”

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Hundal was further confronted on what appears to be an entirely racially motivated, or racist policy, discriminating against Brits of Chinese and Indian heritage. Indeed the original Independent article only mentioned Chinese parents, and not Indians. One BBC reporter pulled Sunny up on the matter, to which he replied flippantly, “I added that myself… like a BAWSE [boss]“.

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Hundal then attempted to excuse his advocating of a racist policy, by claiming that the situation was already true for Asian families in certain communities. He wrote: “PS, doctors in Asian-dominated areas have long been advised not to tell Asian parents of the sex of foetus anyway. This isn’t new”. To which a reply soon came, “Anecdotal, but my son was born in such an area, we weren’t told (white/English) (We were fine with it)”. Sunny’s response? “Interesting! I was told it was just Asians… but OK.”

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When further pushed as to how he refuses to back discriminatory laws for counter-terrorism purposes, Hundal responded, “because anti-terrorism profiling doesn’t work”, without making a case for why anti-gender-abortion profiling would. Pressed for an answer as to how non-Asian families could deal with such a problem, Hundal responded, “Determined people can go to a non-Asian area.” Forgetting that the entirety of Britain is a “non-Asian” (in fact a non-anything) area, but instead a place where lots of human beings of different backgrounds all live.

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In advocating a racist policy, Hundal not only comes into direct conflict with his own employer’s equality policy, but also hypocritically endorses something that he refuses to back to stop terrorist atrocities in the United Kingdom.

Hundal claims that certain areas of the United Kingdom are inherently “Asian”, which is, oddly, reverse racism. Imagine someone claiming that an area of the UK was explicitly “white”, and that “Determined people can go to a non-White area”?

Finally, when offered a reasonable solution, Hundal succinctly accepts. But we won’t forget, and neither should his followers, nor his employers:

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UPDATE: It seems that Hundal was forewarned about this problem in November 2013, when Twitter user @Grandnes stated to him that, “Indian culture aborts/starves/kills little girls. It’s why the NHS doesn’t tell you gender in places like Birmingham”. 

And how did Hundal respond at the time? He stated, defensively and rudely, “when I need your opinion on anything I’ll ask for it”. 

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  • guidofawkes

    So he’s in favour of the NHS introducing racial profiling and against an Indian woman’s right to choose. I see.

  • Chris

    Multiculturism and moral relativity. Such wonderfully enriching ideologies. I mean, who doesn’t want girls being aborted en mass? Why not allow sutee along with such enrichment? The whole thing demonstrates how left wingers are deeply evil. They just make up their morals on the fly regardless of the consequences.

  • http://my.telegraph.co.uk/members/jp99 jp99

    It’s murder. Plain and simple. Why beat about the bush – it is the killing of a viable foetus for no other reason than its sex. AKA – murder

  • stew

    just wish they’d kill the male ones too. that would solve a lot of problems

  • Duke_Bouvier

    Profiling? India passed a law in 1994 banning parents being informed of a foetus’ sex precisely to prevent selective abortion. They seem to think it is a cultural problem worth addressing.

  • RaymondDance

    “left wingers are deeply evil.”

    Not really evil so much as brain dead stupid. They adopt positions and policies, multiculturalism, for example. on the basis of dogma without ever thinking about the practical consequences. And then tie themselves in knots trying to rationalise the results.


    Correct, asians like to brag about putting their children through university and wanting them to become doctors, lawyers etc….yet they indulge in sub-human practices like this killing of female young, the caste system, postal voting fraud, and crave respect. I would kick them all out, in particular muslims, none of them integrate, and too many hate us.