Green protestors dine on luxury yachts

Coalblog reports that anti-fossil fuel protestors in the United States were recently caught undertaking “direct action” on luxury private yachts, enjoying a full catered protest.

It’ll come as no surprise to many that these Left-wing, “Occupy” groups are so well-funded and hypocritical. Take a look at the video below to get an idea of their lovely day out.

Coalblog reports:

You can see in these videos how supposedly “eco-conscious” NIMBY groups fuel their protest and “direct action” training with mountains of catered food aboard three private yachts at Vancouver, WA. It’s hard to miss their reliance on the various metals and rare earth minerals provided by the mining industry for their vehicles, computers, jewelry, microphones, climbing gear, sound systems, etc. You can see their conspicuous consumption of plastic and synthetic products from the oil and gas and coal industries for their plastic plates, plastic protest signs, plastic and synthetic climbing ropes, helmets, and harnesses, the fuel for their yachts and vehicles, etc. They also make free use of the abundant and affordable electricity provided by the damming of  Pacific Northwest rivers and the consumption of fossil fuels. Many of the protestors are also wearing designer and brand name clothing that was provided by “big oil” and “big agriculture.” And of course none of us should miss the fact that many of them will have made it to the protest in their own vehicle (metal, fossil fuels, plastic, etc.).

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  • sinz54

    That pales in comparison to the annual cruises by the socialist magazine “The Nation”:

    Spacious, elegantly appointed staterooms, many with private verandahs.
    Luxurious Euro-Top beds and premium linens.
    Daily housekeeping to tidy belongings and keep staterooms immaculate.
    Large, extra-fluffy Egyptian cotton towels.
    Lighted magnifying mirrors; massage shower-heads; salon-quality hair dryers.
    Luxurious terry cloth bathrobes.
    Televisions with DVD and VCR players.
    Generous storage
    Complimentary fresh fruit.
    Complimentary 24-hour in-room dining.
    Nightly turndown service.
    Complimentary shoeshine service.
    Complimentary ice service.

  • Tazzerman2009

    The hypocracy is appalling. Does anyone have a transcript of what the woman actually said??

  • bhaack

    Oh come on now, those are solar boats. The fumes you saw coming from the back of the boat was oxygen.