Douglas Murray vs. Mehdi Hasan

As Douglas Murray writes in the Spectator today:

“At the weekend I was on the BBC TV programme Sunday Morning Live. We discussed pilgrimages and the ethics of the banking industry. But the first debate was the most heated. It was titled, ‘Are Muslims being demonised?’”


“I thought it an interesting and lively discussion. However at the very end Mehdi Hasan told a smear which I think needs correcting. It came as a response to my own very brief reference [24 minutes in here] to a couple of Mehdi’s notorious online sermons. These include the one here in which he uses the bigoted slur-term ‘Kaffar’ to describe non-Muslims and goes on to refer to all non-Muslims as ‘cattle’.”


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  • Shazza

    Why is Mehdi Hasan always all over the BBC, Sky etc. when he espouses such disdain and hatred for all non-muslims? Is this not ‘hate speech’?

  • soporific

    His ‘hate speech’ was also directed against Muslim “animals” and “cattle” in the same speech in the same context. Get the HATER off our TV!!

  • SonofBoudica

    The BBC gives airtime to anyone who is prepared to bad-mouth our nation, and our main religion of the Church of England.

  • Shazza

    In the video, he referred to all non-muslims as “cattle”.

  • soporific

    How about watching the bits that didn’t make the video you watched and checking?

  • george

    not much of a positive saying that muslims hate other muslims of a slightly different flavour let alone are able to stomach non-muslims.
    the whole religion is dysfunctional and an anathema to harmonious relations between peoples … but the beeb love them in preference to the indigenous brit/westerner. shows you were their loyalties lie.

  • soporific

    Go jump.

  • Shazza

    Truth hurts, hey? So you get personal. Diddums.

  • John Smith

    This programme is a shambles I can understand why the BBC took on this presenter from Ch 4 she is not up to it ..

  • soporific

    The smell of a rodent when I wound the window down did hurt. Just realised what this website is and who it was set up by.

    TV work not coming through for piper Kassam? There’s always uncle Rosenthal with copper pennies from his arse if you blow/suck hard enough at the right end for those overdraft fees.

  • Windymac

    This is what you get when you put one of the best social commentators this country has to offer up against someone who believes in flying horses.

  • JWil42

    Late comment.
    “…she is not up to it…”

    She is a whole lot better than the woman who preceded her who only seemed to be there and in the BBC morning news programme merely because she looked attractive.

    The programme is a mish-mash which never resolves anything and gives no one any satisfaction.