Don’t just cut the BBC licence fee… SCRAP it

A new ICM poll for the Telegraph has revealed that 70 percent of the British public believes the coercive £145.50 a year British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) licence fee should be cut.

But it’s not really good enough, considering that British television owners are forced by their government, by threat of fine or prison, to prop up an international monopoly in the form of the BBC.

It might even be excusable (though not really) if the BBC was truly impartial, but as the public has learned in recent years, it cannot run a tight ship morally, financially, or journalistically, as scandal upon scandal has beset the behemoth.

And yet, like the National Health Service (NHS), many on the Left (and some on the Right), convince themselves that these institutions are somehow justified. The most common reason you’ll hear is, “It’s our voice to the world. It’s a brilliant broadcaster that promotes Britain globally. It provides quality that planet Earth would miss were it not to exist!” And supposedly, we’re the colonialists on the Right?

To excuse the BBC on the basis of cultural colonialism (tongue firmly in cheek) is risible, and I’ve yet to hear a reason why every television owner should be forced to pay for the BBC, regardless as to whether or not they consume from it.

The Telegraph reports:

“Nearly half of those questioned – 49 per cent – said the charge should be scrapped entirely, while a further 21 per cent said the current £145.50 price should be reduced.

“There was wide support for the idea of the BBC developing alternative sources of income, such as through advertising, while ending its funding from the licence fee.

“Only one in 10 voters was willing to see the fee increase in line with inflation when ministers next re-write the BBC’s Charter in 2016.”

The Guardian reports: 

“Almost twice as many people think the BBC has a leftwing bias as believe it favours the right, according to a new Opinium/Observer poll.”

So much like the burdensome bureaucratic institutions around the world that are crumbling in terms of public opinion under increased scrutiny, the BBC’s days are numbered.

The same applies for the European Union, for the National Health Service, and for the government-backed green lobby.


Because you can’t buy facts.

No matter how much money governments throw towards reprogramming the public – the truth will always win out.

To anyone currently sitting on the fence – heed the warning signs.

In the BBC Question Time/Guardianista media, statism is alive and well.

But on the streets of Britain, the idea that the government should safeguard industries or monopolies, is well and truly dying.

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Raheem Kassam is the founder/editor of He was previously Executive Editor at TheCommentator, Communications Director at the Henry Jackson Society, and serves as director at counter-extremism pressure group, Student Rights

  • Penfold

    Stating the bleeding obvious.
    The BBC is not a propaganda vehicle like Voice of America during the Cold War.
    It’s charter talks about education and entertainment, but to the left education means agit-prop.

  • Tethys

    This is just a poll not an academic study, and don’t forget that news is only a fraction of the BBC’s output.

  • Karl Winnett

    Anybody with a open mind can see and hear that the BBC is the mouth piece of the state. Everything from the news to soaps are designed with not so subtle propaganda to tell people what to think and reinforcing the idea of Britishness. At last after decades of blinkered devotion the people are slowly waking up and saying “no more”.

  • Mark K

    It’s a tool for indoctrination, pedophillia and brainwashing the human race into believing in fairy tales AND obtuse stories.

  • Adaadat

    Scrap BBC regional news, which is vile; slim-down the broadcaster to a couple of channels and a couple of radio stations; make it subscription; subject it to an ‘impartiality’ regulator (not Ofcom, though); and re-build (The) World Service as a promoter of British values, not light socialism. Ofcom should be scrapped, too, as its idea of impartiality is lightly-toasted Leftism.

    Oh, and allow private broadcasters to display any bias the owners like (following the scrapping of Ofcom) – let the public decide whether they succeed or fail – and watch as scores of new channels flourish, many web-streamed straight to your T.V.

    As for losing much-loved programmes: they can be sold to other broadcasters.


  • jamie

    I have Sky tv and pay for this. Sky pay the right to air the channels of bbc so why do i have to “pay twice”. And to be honest most of the time I watch all my other channels such as comedy central living or other channels not assoassociated with bbc