Britons unconvinced over anthropogenic climate change claims

A new ComRes/ITV poll has revealed that Britons are still unconvinced over the claim that human action has resulted in climate change, and the notion that the weather is worsening as a result of it.

While 65 percent of the 2047 polled believe that “weather in the UK seems to get worse every year”, only 38 percent believe that “the recent storms and flooding in the UK are probably a result of climate change mainly caused by human activity”, while 32 percent disagreed with that statement.

Moreover, older Brits, who fell into the categories of between 55 – 64 years of age, and those age 65+, believe more firmly than their young counterparts that “the recent storms and flooding in the UK are no worse than they have been in the past, and are probably not a result of climate change at all”.

Those between the ages of 18-54 agreed, on average, at a rate of 23.75 percent, that Britain’s recent foul weather was not a direct result of climate change, while those aged 55 and over believed that to be the case at a rate of 37.5 percent, revealing perhaps that those with more experience of Britain’s varied weather conditions over the past decades are more sceptical of alarmist environmentalist claims.

However, most (55 percent) still agreed that it was the “government’s responsibility to prevent damage to people’s homes and businesses from flooding”, with 65 percent backing the idea that the “government should dedicate more money to improving flood defences, even if it means budget cuts elsewhere”.

The fact that half of those polled disagree, or ‘don’t know’ about whether climate change is “really happening” will no doubt be a blow to the ‘big green’ lobby, that spends tens of billions of pounds worldwide trying to sell the idea of climate change, and its tax-heavy ‘solutions’.

That the gap between those who believe in anthropogenic (man-made) climate change impacting UK weather is just 6 percent, will no doubt also come as a blow to climate change proponents.

The ComRes/ITV survey quizzed 2047 people from across the country, and also found that Ed Balls was nearly as untrusted with economic matters as UKIP’s Nigel Farage. The full results are available here.


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  • Roderick

    “Britons unconvinced over anthropogenic climate change claims”.

    Since when was that mere fact of interest to those elected – or appointed – to spend our taxes?

  • Tethys

    Why does nobody at Bending Central own up to writing this nonsense?
    Too embarrassed I guess.
    Everyone already knows how the random coalesence of people may combine to create all kinds of unexpectedly dangerous minority outcomes -just look at the last election.
    Trying to distract people from scientific consensus and the real world is disgraceful Mr Kassam.

  • polistra24

    Makes sense that older people are more connected to reality. Major weather events run on a number of cycles, with a dominant 33-year cycle . If you’re over 50, you’re more likely to remember what happened about three decades ago, and thus able to visualize the cyclical pattern.

    If you’re younger than 50, you don’t have a baseline for the cycle. You’re only seeing the recent bad-weather phase, and the idiot media constantly tells you that the current phase is brand-new, unprecedented and solely caused by Evil Carbon.

  • John WB

    You’re completely wrong about Thatcher. She wrote in some detail after her retirement that CAGW was complete poppycock.

    Come to that you’re wrong about everything else too, but it’s not really worth trying to debate scientific data with the eco Taliban.

  • Tethys

    I heard she was keen until she realised it needed international cooperation.
    Regarding Science – given that at best, conclusive proof either way is not possible, the trick becomes that of how to be rational in the context of risk (best evidence) and possible consequences.
    In my view this is not shutting one’s eyes and stepping on the gas. Happy to discuss.:-)

  • derekcolman

    Margaret Thatcher grabbed the concept of AGW with both hands purely out of spite. She needed a reason to shut down all the coal mines to punish the miners for bringing down the Heath government, and this theory was a godsend to her. It meant she could get parliament’s approval to change electricity production over to the newly discovered natural gas, and put the miners out of work, which blighted their communities for generations. This was revenge written big. All she did after retirement was admit that she never believed in AGW.

  • brossen99
  • Dogzzz

    Even the Met office, in response to Cameron’s claims of recent bad weather being linked to climate change, stated categorically that there was absolutely no link. The UN’s IPCC have recently downgraded their their own projections for future temperature rise in light of the global climate circulation models proving to be wildly inaccurate and highly oversensitive oversensitive to changes in CO2. The reason people are becoming increasingly sceptical about CAGW is simply because it is merely a flawed hypothesis which has been falsified by real empirical measurements.

    Science 101. If the evidence contradicts the hypothesis, then the hypothesis is wrong. temperatures have not increased by as much as was predicted by the hypothesis.

  • gordz

    “That the gap between those who believe in anthropogenic (man-made)
    climate change impacting UK weather is just 6 percent, will no doubt
    also come as a blow to climate change proponents.”

    I dont think so. even those who know that climate change is a pressing and legitimate worry dont think that the UK had amazing weather before industrialisation.

    Secondly. 50% of those asked said they didnt believe or DID NOT KNOW whether climate change is real. Given the intensity of the ‘debate’ (97% of scientists believe anthropogenic global warming to be scientific reality, many sceptical studies have been subsequently found to be funded by big oil), it is unsurprising that many people dont know what to believe.

    However, the following poll shows how approximately 2 years ago, brits generally trusted scientists views on the matter (66%).

    Given that this is not an expressed opinion but putting faith in a group of knowledgable people and the expertise they have, I dont think think will have changed much. So given this, and that 97% of scientists regard anthropogenic climate change as real, I think this is a strong statement for the belief in climate change by a majority of the british public (as long as they are informed of the level of scientific support for the theory).

    I dont think that a polling of 50% support for the statement that is essentially ‘is bad weather in the UK caused by humans or was it here already’ warrants the massive accompanying picture declaring “GLOBAL WARMING IS A HOAX!”. In fact I think its pretty pathetic.

  • Guest
  • Thomtids

    Was that 97% of scientists who believe in man-made global warming the ones paid to think that or just the ones who agreed with those paid to think it?
    Man-made climate change is wholly bogus and might only become remotely possible if nuclear war breaks out.

  • gordz

    Oh yeah, cos those poor oil companies havnt got as much money as those climate change hippies. I do feel sorry for BP, Shell, Total et al who only managed to pay off 3000 scientists compared to the rest of the global scientific community who are obviously being payed through the teeth by those people living in tents down at barton moss, immigrant benefit scrounging single mums, the government (all of who have shares in oil and gas companies) and all those other people that climate sceptics love to hate and are nowhere near as rich as the oil companies.

  • Thomtids

    The IPCC aren’t exactly financially disinterested nor, too, the East Anglian Poly that seems to have become the Government’s bag-carrier despite its co-ordination of underhand and bogus statistics. It doesn’t seem to be the “poor Greens” versus the big bad Oil Companies but the Bottomless-pocket Government versus the Deniers. Too many quangos have fingers in a very big tax-payers pie for one word of man-made warming to be credible or true.