British university bans “sexist” music

In yet another horrendous tale of the decline of liberty in the United Kingdom, it has emerged that the University of Edinburgh has banned the popular music song “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke for being sexually suggestive.

Following recent uproar by hard-line “feminists” around the world about the song, the university ordered a DJ to cease playing the song because of sexist lyrics including: ”He don’t smack that ass and pull your hair like that” and ”I’ll give you something big enough to tear your ass in two.”

Local website The Tab reports:

At the Silent Headphone Disco at Teviot on Sunday night, a DJ was told to fade out the song mid-way, despite the fact that the students were given the choice not to listen to the song by switching to another channel on the headphones.

This ban was placed in line with EUSA’s new clampdown on lad culture, issuing a policy to ‘End Rape Culture and Lad Banter on Campus.’ This plans to end “myths and sterotypes around sexual violence”.

This ban follows a ‘Blurred Lines’ parody, which was briefly banned from YouTube, wherein three law students from New Zealand replaced topless women in the video. Lyrics were altered to represent hard-Leftist feminism and renamed “Defined Lines.”

The totalitarian, censorious approach was defended by Edinburgh University Students Assocation vice president Kirsty Haigh, who said: “The decision to ban ‘Blurred Lines’ from our venues has been taken as it promotes an unhealthy attitude towards sex and consent. EUSA has a policy on zero tolerance towards sexual harrassment, a policy to end lad culture on campus and a safe space policy – all of which this song violates.”

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  • Julieann Carter

    I would support this ban on the basis of those vile lyrics . ”I’ll give you something big enough to tear your ass in two.”
    Not sexist, ‘violent’. A bit like some rap (so called) songs whose lyrics tell of ‘slapping your bitch’, and effing this and effing that.
    SO glad my youngest son has grown out of swaggering around wearing his jeans 3 X too big for him and hanging down below his boxers, while affecting a Jamaican accent.

    These kind of lyrics don’t so much offend women per se, they offend many responsible parents of impressionable young teens. These songs imported and glorified US Bronx style black gang culture.
    Never heard of the band featured, but this is what the sexually violent lyrics remind me of.
    Bring back Benny Hill and ‘Ernie’!